Duration: 2:53

Asante Kingdom

28th May 2012
Like Britain, Ghana has a hereditary monarchy. The Kuapa Kids tell us about the Asante Kingdom of Ghana.
Duration: 8:23

Adinkra Symbols

27th March 2012
Have you ever wondered about the unusual patterns that feature on the wrappers of Divine Chocolate bars? These are adinkra symbols and each has its own meaning, often from traditional stories and sayings.
Duration: 5:21

Cotton on to Fairtrade

14th February 2011
This video was made for Fairtrade Fortnight 2011 which had a special focus on cotton. The kids in Akomadan decorate a Fairtrade cotton bunting kit and discuss cotton from West Africa.
Duration: 8:41

Dressing Up

8th June 2010
The Kuapa Kids tell us about what they wear, in school and out of school.