For teachers

Pa Pa Paa LIVE brings a child's eye view of everyday life from a school in Ghana, with videos made by the children of Fairtrade cocoa farmers. Each video is about five minutes long, includes subtitles, and is supported by teaching resources. Pa Pa Paa LIVE videos are themed around different topics. They work well as the basis for a series of lessons about everyday life for children in a developing country like Ghana. 

How do I use the website?

When you create an account on Pa Pa Paa LIVE it is for your whole school to use. We are happy for different teachers and students from your school to use the same login details.

You can post comments on the videos, and suggest new topics and questions for upcoming videos on the discussion wall.

To watch the videos you’ll need a computer connected to the internet, with a monitor, projector or interactive whiteboard, and speakers plugged in so you can hear. You can watch the videos full screen.

How are the videos made?

We work with young people from two schools in Ghana. They plan, present and film the videos themselves using a camcorder, then they upload the footage, and we edit it for the website in London. They watch the videos once they are on the website, and sometimes film extra scenes to add to them.

They also respond to comments that young people from the UK leave on the website, something they particularly enjoy doing. It can take a few weeks for them to respond to comments, as there is very little internet access in rural areas in Ghana.

The interactive elements of Pa Pa Paa LIVE mean it is also a good way for schools to enjoy some of the benefits of a link with a developing world rural school, without the commitment of a full school linking project.

What is Pa Pa Paa?

Pa Pa Paa LIVE is part of the Pa Pa Paa teaching resources brought to you by Comic Relief and Trading Visions. ‘Pa Pa Paa’ is the motto of the Kuapa Kokoo Fairtrade cocoa cooperative. It means 'best of the best' in the Ghanaian language of Twi.

You can find comprehensive teaching resources on Fairtrade and cocoa over on the Pa Pa Paa website.