Meet the kids

Great Fammis School, Akomadan

Sandra Duodo

Sandra is 15 years old and her best friend is Grace, who sometimes appears in the videos too. Her favourite subject at school is Twi, the local language, and outside school she enjoys football. Getting involved in the Pa Pa Paa LIVE has made her very happy and now she says that when she grows up she’d like to be the one reading the news on TV!

Ezekiel Charinga

Ezekiel is 14. He likes football and enjoys reading too. He has two sisters and two brothers as well as a couple of dogs called Tiger and Scooby. He would like to be a doctor when he grows up.

FrederickPrince Oppong

Frederick and Prince  are both 15 and are best friends. Frederick likes art at school and draws in his spare time; he’d like to be a graphic designer one day but for now he is happy behind the camera filming the videos, which is why you won’t have seen him. Prince likes science at school and thinks he could be a doctor when he is older. He likes to answer the questions that come from schools in the UK following the videos.

Bayerebon School

Gifty Joseph

Gifty J has two sisters and four brothers, and a cat called Honesty who makes her happy when she’s feeling lonely. She has played netball since she was six years old and she plays for the school team. " I am very active on the court. I run and jump for balls!". She looks up to Emelia Brobbey, a famous Ghanaian actress who is on TV every day. Her most treasured possession is her nice yellow dress that she always wears to parties. If she could go on holiday anywhere in the world she would go to America!


Theophilus  is 14 years old. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up, he wants to treat sick people. He has four brothers and three sisters. He has a dog called Peace. “She is very big and fat because she eats lots of scraps.” When he’s not in lessons, Theophilus likes to play football. “I’m very good! I am the captain of the school team. I have scored 15 goals this term.” One of his heroes is Cristiano Ronaldo. “I want everyone in the world to see me playing football and be popular like him.” His most treasured possessions are his two nice shirts. One shirt is blue and brown and he wears that one to parties. The other shirt is white and he wears that one to church. He’d love to go on holiday to London one day.


Latif  is 15 year olds. His friends call him ‘Daddy Sato’, a reference to a musician and actor, because they know he wants to be an artist and actor. He doesn’t play sport, he prefers reading books and singing and dancing to azonto music. His favourite food is banku and okro soup. It gives him energy. “I like creating the Pa Pa Paa videos because it promotes my school and my town.”


Faustina  wants to be the first person from her school to become an actress. She also have a pet parrot. “It’s unusual to have a parrot but I saw it and bought it. It speaks to me.” Faustina plays football. “I like it because I am very good. I am the striker and score lots of goals.” Faustina admires the Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari. She thinks she’s very intelligent and beautiful. Her favourite possession is her nice shoes that her mother bought her. They are flat, brown shoes and she wears them when she’s going to church and for parties.


Bright  is 14 years old. Mt friends call me ‘intelligent boy’! Bright looks up to a kente weaver called Patrick, who is a friend of the family. He makes me want to be a kente weaver too. Patrick likes to play football and to watch movies. His favourite film is ‘Journey to the West’ which stars Jet Li. His most prized possession is a laptop which he got from his father. “I use it for school work, playing music and watching movies.”


Rebecca  is 15 years old and would like to be a nurse when she grows up. “My friends call me ‘everlasting love lady’ because they think I am lovely!” She likes sports and plays football. She is on the school team she’s a striker. She also likes reading storybooks. Her favourite subjects at school are science, maths and social studies. If she could go on holiday anywhere, she would go to Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana. “It’s a beautiful town.”