About Us

Pa Pa Paa LIVE is a unique project bringing a child’s eye view of day to day life in rural Ghana into classrooms across the UK.

The website aims to:
a) engage young people with their peers in farming communities in developing countries,
b) increase young people’s understanding of Fairtrade and the actions they can take as consumers and global citizens to make the world a better place.

Pa Pa Paa LIVE is brought to you by four special partners:

Comic Relief is a UK-based charity set up in 1985 by comedians who wanted to use comedy to raise money and change lives around the world. Comic Relief now has two major fundraising campaigns: Red Nose Day and Sport Relief.

Trading Visions is a UK-based charity working to alleviate the poverty of small-scale producers in the developing world by amplifying their voices to challenge and change industry practice. We aim to connect producers and consumers in a popular and accessible way through education and campaigns, starting with the story of cocoa and chocolate.

Kuapa Kokoo is a co-operative of more than 65,000 cocoa farmers in Ghana set up to develop fairer trading practices and represent the interests of cocoa farmers. Kuapa Kokoo means ‘good cocoa farming’ in the Twi language. Their motto is ‘Pa Pa Paa’ which means ‘best of the best’. They are co-owners of the Divine Chocolate company.

Divine Chocolate is the only Fairtrade chocolate company which is 45% owned by cocoa farmers. Divine Chocolate and Comic Relief got together in 2000 and launched a youth focused chocolate brand – Dubble – to reach young people with the Fairtrade message.

Kuapa Kids Community Project

Pa Pa Paa LIVE is underpinned in Ghana by a broader programme of educational work – the Kuapa Kids Community Project – that the partners in this project have facilitated since 2000.

This includes funding a full time member of staff in Ghana to work with a range of Kuapa Kokoo supported schools and students.

The schools in Ghana that we work with struggle to maintain high educational standards because they serve poor, rural communities. The schools are remote, with few facilities like electricity or running water, so it is difficult to find and retain teachers. Although primary school education is free in Ghana, families still have to buy uniforms and school materials such as pens, pencils, books and chalk.

The Kuapa Kids Community Project has delivered extra classes and materials to the schools. Activities like the Kuapa Kids Camps bring children together for three days – many of them leaving their villages for the first time and mixing with children from other
schools – to learn about Fairtrade, the global chocolate supply chain, and issues such as nutrition, health, child labour and girls' education.

These activities also support our Fairtrade education and awareness raising in the UK.